Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Button Tree #2

Well hello there! Here, finally, is that picture I promised you! This is the second button tree that I made. Is this how you pictured it when you saw the sneak peek? I have to say, I love the colour of the buttons on this tree. Turquoise is such a gorgeous colour, don't you think?
So last week was the finale for Biggest Loser, and I was so excited! It was great to see everyone return. I was happy to see that the twin brothers, James and John, seemed to be making some progress, but sad that it wasn't more. They were such nice guys, it was such a shame that they left the show so early. I was hoping that they were going to tell the brothers they were coming back, but no such luck. Of course, the one person I wanted to see was Shay, the heaviest-ever woman. She was going to earn $1000 per pound, and then Jared, the Subway guy showed up with a blank cheque (or check, for you Americans ;) ) and told her she had a chance to earn more! And of course, the winners-first was Koli, who won the at-home prize, and then Michael, the heaviest contestant ever, won the grand prize. He was the winner by just a handful of pounds over Ashley. It was a nail-biter to the end! Now to wait for the next season! LOL
Well, I should head to bed, it's getting late. I will be back later this week with another project! Until then, take care!

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