Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini Album Part 6

Hello and welcome back! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Maybe you even got to squeeze in a little stamping time?
Well, I am back with a few more pictures from the mini album. The first pages above have a little star theme going on...I don't know what you would do with the star could either cut a picture out in a star shape, or even in a small circle to put in the centre of the star and then do a bit of journaling all aroud the star...I guess it's up to a person's imagination. I didn't really have a plan in mind, I just liked the star.
You know when someone says "Ew yuck!" and you turn to look? Well my husband is watching a movie right now (The girl who kicked the hornet's nest) and that is exactly what he just said. Instinctively I looked. Silly me. I just caught a glance of brain surgery-they removed a piece of skull with a hole in it to remove a bullet from the brain. Ew yuck. Why or why did I have to look?? LOL
The pages above are basic, but I loved decorating the center of the paisleys with the bling (I'm all about the sparkle, as you know!). Nothing too fancy, but that's ok, because sometimes it has to be about the picture, not the page, right? At least that's what I keep telling myself, anyway. Works for me! lol

The one page where I brought in a colour (red) not in the kit. I didn't have any buttons to match the other colours, and this page was just begging for another button, so red it was! Another set of pages to highlight the picture! ;)
That's about all for today. Just keep in mind the moral of today's post-if someone says "Ew yuck!" Don't, for the love of your sanity, look in that same direction! It might really be gross!! LOL
See ya soon!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Last of the Mini Album!

Here it is! The last few pages of the mini album! So after you've read this post, you will all go out and make albums of your own, right? I've inspired you, right? No? ;)

So as you can see in the pages above, I was starting to really like turning the layout a little for the second page. Easy on the brain, nice to look at.

These pages used up, not the border die-cuts, but the bit in between them. Yuh huh! What was in between them! Neat, eh? I liked the look of the orange and blue, so I stuck it on these pages the same way I did the strips of paper with the buttons that I showed you a couple of posts ago. We paper people are pretty good at making sure we don't waste too much, aren't we?

This is the last page in the book! I used up all my scraps of paper to make sure I had the four triangles behind the blue guy. This page kind of ties it all together--colour-wise that is. Nothing fancy on this page, just a larger piece to mat that perfect, end-of-the-book picture!

This last picture shows the front cover and the back cover. I don't think I've shown both together. I love the design SU made for this. It looks-creative, and interesting.

Well, that is it! No more pages from the mini album to show you, so now I can get back to showing you some cards! Stay tuned!

Have a great day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mini Album Part 5


Welcome back! I think I've finally figured out how to publish posts in advance, so I'll be able to publish without having to log on to do it! Nice!

Ok, so this instalment of mini album pages, has some interesting pages in it. I like this first one because the two pages are very different, not two halves of one design. I think that sometimes even when you're working on 12"x12" pages, sometimes just starting with one and working on it individually, rather than trying to tackle two at once, is a great way to go when you're creativity isn't flowing. In this case, the frame was only going to fit the one page, and I didn't want to try to make a second one for the other page, only to have it look like I tried, but missed.

This one was one of the simpler ones, with just the cute die-cut word tag added for interest. Simple, but it works!

Here is another example of not wanting to do the same thing for both pages. This way, if you use two pictures in two different styles it will still work. And you can use the page that works best with the colours in the photo. Of course, if you use black and white photos, they all work best!

I didn't mention it yet, but I gave this album to my mom for Christmas. I'm happy to report she seemed to really like it!

That's all for now, but I'll be back soon!

Have a great day!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Mini Album Part 4


Since this is my first post of the 2011, I just want to say Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday filled with family, happiness, and love.

I had a nice Christmas and New Year's, but it went by way too fast. Before I knew it, it was time to head back to school.

I did have a chance to do a bit of stamping in the last few weeks, but before I get to those (I still have to take the pictures), I thought I'd continue with what I started, the mini album.

The layout pictured above was fairly simple, I cut out two squares, and then cut a piece of the die-cut adhesive border from the kit to put on the sides of the squares.

This layout was essentially the same, just with an extra layer, and different colours. And the border was placed at the bottom so it was a little different from the layout before.

This layout was just one of those creative sparks. I don't know where I got this idea from, if it was something I'd seen or if it was just really late, and I was feeling a little creative, but I cut the circle/star die-cut in half for this one. It doesn't loan itself well for a larger, rectangular picture. Maybe something smaller with a bit of journaling either above or below it.

So that's all for today, but I will be typing up the future entries for the rest of the album, so that you will have something to see when you come back later this week. And I will have to work on the more recent cards I put together for when this album is done.

Have a great week!