Monday, June 21, 2010

Lunchbox Love notes part three

Hello and Happy Monday!

Here is my third lunchbox love note. I used the same heart from the I {Heart} Hearts set, and then used a second heart from the same set to use as a dotted outline. I stamped it and matted it in Melon Mambo, and used just a bit of Razzleberry Lemonade dsp. Of course, I had to add some sparkle, so I threw down a few gems on the bottom.
Is anyone else out there watching the Bachelorette? I don't know why I like watching it, I guess I'm just a sap at heart. I think because Trista and Ryan made it, so I keep watching, hoping that the latest couple will end up as happy. I believe I saw a blurb that said that Jake and Vienna have broken surprise there. Now Ali is looking for love with the remainder of her bachelors. It's always fun to see who ends up in the final 10 or so, and to try and guess who will make it to the end. It's almost never who I think it will be, and Ali has it narrowed down to some pretty nice guys, so I'm looking forward to seeing who gets to stay and who gets booted next. So far, I think Kirk has some big marks, as does Chris L. Both seem sincere, and have big hearts. Frank is hilarious as he talks about the torture of seeing Ali with other guys. I'm not laughing at his torture, just at the way he describes it as he smiles. Roberto seems like one of those guys who's always gotten what he wants, so maybe he'll end up with Ali? We'll have to see...Craig and Ty both seem like nice guys, but we haven't seen a whole lot of them yet. And then there's Justin, the wrestler from Canada. He looked like a sincere guy, even shedding a few tears when the guys were giving him a hard time. He had me in his corner, but on Monday, it is revealed that one of the guys has a girlfriend, and I think from the footage they showed that it was Justin. Whoever it is, is a stinker. You'd think that after all the negative publicity Wes suffered when it was revealed to Jillian he had a girlfriend back home, and the only reason he was on the show was to forward his music career, that it would serve as a warning to others who wanted to try the same. Apparently not. No matter what happens, Monday's show promises to be juicy!
Ok, enough rambling. I have some work to get to, so I will get to it.
I will try to post again tomorrow, so come back and see what I've got for you! Hint-it's a 3-D project, not a lunchbox love note!
Have a great day!

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