Thursday, June 3, 2010

Matchbox Drawers

Hello! I am back with a 3-D project today. I am not sure where I saw this since I first saw this so long ago, but it was one of those things that I knew I would have to try...someday. LOL Of course, mine would have to be made with Rich Razzleberry, as it is my favourite colour....I sure hope you are not sick and tired of Razzleberry...I'll try to use different colours, which will be much easier when the new catalogue comes into effect next month! I can hardly wait to see it!
Okay, so all this project is made of is four matchboxes with covers which are sandwiched between two larger squares of paper. I used the fancy scallop punch on my squares, and Razzleberry Lemonade dsp to decorate the top. I also used the same dsp to create the flowers on the top of the box. The leaves are made from the giant Bird and Branch punch. I used both the branch and the bird's wing to create the two sizes of leaves.

Then I adhered the drawers so that the back of each drawer touched the side of another. This next picture helps to illustrate what I'm saying:

All in all, a very simple project to make. The hardest part is deciding what to put inside the drawers, and who to give it to. What would you put in the drawers?
That's all for now. Enjoy your week, I'll be back!


  1. Hmmm that looks familiar.... ;-p) I know someone who would love it..........hehe.......if you fill it with chocolate before I give it to him, i'll eat it first........lmbo...........Just kidding

    Have a great weekend


  2. OMGOSH girl are you nuts???? I luv it but how did you do the drawers, is this one of Vicki's creations? or why does it look so familiar? I agree..... filled with chocolate for your friend in BC??????? Hugs Jenn xo

  3. Vicki: I have to admit, I felt guilty taking it home! He was so sweet when he was looking at it, I felt really guilty taking it away...
    Jenn: No not nuts! It wasn't that hard to make. The thing that took the longest was the flowers on the top. It probably looks familiar because everyone but me had made one! LOL It takes me a while to catch up sometimes!
    Now girls, I think both of you know me well enough to know that if I bought some chocolate to put into this box, it would never actually make it into the box! LOL It wouldn't mean I didn't love you...honest!
    Thanks for the compliments!