Monday, November 7, 2011



This card was CASE'd from a card in a magazine. My friend Jenn gave me this paper because the flip side had music notes on it, and I used that side to make a Christmas card, which you will see later...

The sparkle brad on this card, is actually a Stampin' Up brad from the antique brad collection they sell. I stuck the rhinestones on it, not sure if they would look ok, but it turned out similar enough to the one on the card that I was CASE-ing, so I kept them on.

The ribbon on the original was this gorgeous black, shiny satin ribbon that was double the width-very elegant. Unfortunately, this was all I could find. But overall, I like how the card turned out.

This was a card that I made while at Jactopia. My friend Jacqui lives in a farmhouse, complete with barn and garage. The garage has three little kitten inhabitants who are absolutely adorable! As soon as you pull up in the driveway, they are right there, greeting you when you get out of the car, rubbing your legs and purring. They are sooo affectionate and adorable, they are irresistible. I don't have any pets because my girls have allergies, so I was holding on to one of the kittens every moment that I could. I told Jacqui that if one of the kitties jumped into my car, and I didn't realize until I had started driving away, that I would just have to continue on my way and take it home with me! ;) Jacqui said I could certainly take one or more! Oh the temptation! Unfortunately, I didn't discover any stow-aways in the car on the way home...I guess I'll have to go back to Jacqui's and try again! LOL

Have a great day, and if you have a pet, give it a hug for me! ;)


A Week Late...

...and a Snickers bar short?

Ok, so clearly, I have to get back into the routine of blogging, but last week went by super fast! Sorry this is a week late, but I am going to post again today, just to apologize. Will that make it alright? :)

So these are the little lunchbox love notes I made for my girls for Hallowe'en. I'd been trying to get my mojo back, so I thought making 3" x 3" cards would help kick start things. Turns out I was right about the kick start. I got that, but I didn't get creative past that! LOL Still working on that mojo thing...

Ok, so I'm off to find the next card to post.

See you soon!