Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kimmie's Purse

My friend Kim has to be one of the most talented stampers/scrapbookers I know. The best part is that she is always trying something new, which often gives me the nudge I need to try it too. Sometimes, like in the case of this purse, she makes one for me to keep! I don't return the favour as often as I should...but I am truly grateful to have such an inspiration as a dear friend.

Kim made this gorgeous purse from 1 sheet of 12" x 12" dsp. One sheet! Some smart cookie figured out how to fold and glue together one 12"x12" piece of paper to make the cutest little purse. Of course with Kim's flair and style she can turn "cute" into "stunning" and "have-to-try". Isn't this adorable?? If you want more info, click here to head over to Kim's blog to get the deets. And while you're there, you're sure to see other projects to capture your imagination.
I'll be back soon! Have a great day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lunchbox Love notes part three

Hello and Happy Monday!

Here is my third lunchbox love note. I used the same heart from the I {Heart} Hearts set, and then used a second heart from the same set to use as a dotted outline. I stamped it and matted it in Melon Mambo, and used just a bit of Razzleberry Lemonade dsp. Of course, I had to add some sparkle, so I threw down a few gems on the bottom.
Is anyone else out there watching the Bachelorette? I don't know why I like watching it, I guess I'm just a sap at heart. I think because Trista and Ryan made it, so I keep watching, hoping that the latest couple will end up as happy. I believe I saw a blurb that said that Jake and Vienna have broken surprise there. Now Ali is looking for love with the remainder of her bachelors. It's always fun to see who ends up in the final 10 or so, and to try and guess who will make it to the end. It's almost never who I think it will be, and Ali has it narrowed down to some pretty nice guys, so I'm looking forward to seeing who gets to stay and who gets booted next. So far, I think Kirk has some big marks, as does Chris L. Both seem sincere, and have big hearts. Frank is hilarious as he talks about the torture of seeing Ali with other guys. I'm not laughing at his torture, just at the way he describes it as he smiles. Roberto seems like one of those guys who's always gotten what he wants, so maybe he'll end up with Ali? We'll have to see...Craig and Ty both seem like nice guys, but we haven't seen a whole lot of them yet. And then there's Justin, the wrestler from Canada. He looked like a sincere guy, even shedding a few tears when the guys were giving him a hard time. He had me in his corner, but on Monday, it is revealed that one of the guys has a girlfriend, and I think from the footage they showed that it was Justin. Whoever it is, is a stinker. You'd think that after all the negative publicity Wes suffered when it was revealed to Jillian he had a girlfriend back home, and the only reason he was on the show was to forward his music career, that it would serve as a warning to others who wanted to try the same. Apparently not. No matter what happens, Monday's show promises to be juicy!
Ok, enough rambling. I have some work to get to, so I will get to it.
I will try to post again tomorrow, so come back and see what I've got for you! Hint-it's a 3-D project, not a lunchbox love note!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lunchbox Love Notes part deux


Don't you just love it when you start on a project, not exactly sure of what you're going to do, and then a little surprise comes your way and it helps you to figure it out and finish it better than you thought it would turn out? That's what happened with this card. You see, I had pulled out Parisian Breeze designer paper, wanting to use it, but I was stumped creatively. Then I happened to catch a glimpse of this heart in the I {Heart} Hearts stamp set. Don't they match nicely? I would have never thought of it on my own, but it fell into place when I needed it.

I love the softness of the Baja Breeze on this card, and I'm glad it's coming back. Blue isn't usually a colour I would use for a heart, but I think this turned out ok in blue. I embossed the heart, then cut it out and matted it onto Baja Breeze. The white square it is matted on is painted with shimmer paint, so in real life, it has some sparkle.

The great thing about this love note is that you could alternatively use it as a gift card for a wedding gift, or bridal shower, or anniversary gift...the soft colour works for any of these occasions.

Well, I still have quite a few lunchbox love notes to show you, so stay tuned!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Lunchbox Love Notes

Hello and Happy Tuesday!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I did! My friend Kim came over to stamp on Saturday and stayed overnight too! I wish I could say that I got lots and lots done, but I didn't, partly because I was working on this scrapbook page and it took me forever to get it finished. It was a huge sigh of relief when it was finally done! I'm working on a few more things that I hope to show you soon, but in the meantime, I pulled these cards out of my hat.
A few years ago, I started making 3" x 3" cards for my oldest daughter when she first started school. (I now also make them for the youngest!) I call them lunchbox love notes. I love the idea of giving them a little something in their lunchboxes that lets them know I'm thinking of them, and I love them, and hope they're having a good day. It's like giving them a virtual hug! I just polled the girls and they said they do like receiving them in their lunches. I asked if they liked looking at the outside of the card to see what I did, or reading the inside of the card more. They like both. I gave one to my DH once, and he liked it too, and said it made his whole day!
Making the little cards is also a great way to jumpstart your creativity when you feel a creative block. I like trying different techniques, and often, I will use a stamp set for a little card before graduating to a larger one. These cards were made with leftover butterflies from this card, in case you think they look familiar. The background was stamped with the funky fleur-de-lis stamp from Friends 24-7 onto textured cardstock (Razzleberry and Bermuda Bay). The words came from a Sale-a-bration set that I borrowed. Once I started using this set, I wished I had ordered it... :0(
I also made some other lunchbox love notes that I'll be showing you over the week, so stay tuned!
Have a great day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Matchbox Drawers

Hello! I am back with a 3-D project today. I am not sure where I saw this since I first saw this so long ago, but it was one of those things that I knew I would have to try...someday. LOL Of course, mine would have to be made with Rich Razzleberry, as it is my favourite colour....I sure hope you are not sick and tired of Razzleberry...I'll try to use different colours, which will be much easier when the new catalogue comes into effect next month! I can hardly wait to see it!
Okay, so all this project is made of is four matchboxes with covers which are sandwiched between two larger squares of paper. I used the fancy scallop punch on my squares, and Razzleberry Lemonade dsp to decorate the top. I also used the same dsp to create the flowers on the top of the box. The leaves are made from the giant Bird and Branch punch. I used both the branch and the bird's wing to create the two sizes of leaves.

Then I adhered the drawers so that the back of each drawer touched the side of another. This next picture helps to illustrate what I'm saying:

All in all, a very simple project to make. The hardest part is deciding what to put inside the drawers, and who to give it to. What would you put in the drawers?
That's all for now. Enjoy your week, I'll be back!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Button Tree #2

Well hello there! Here, finally, is that picture I promised you! This is the second button tree that I made. Is this how you pictured it when you saw the sneak peek? I have to say, I love the colour of the buttons on this tree. Turquoise is such a gorgeous colour, don't you think?
So last week was the finale for Biggest Loser, and I was so excited! It was great to see everyone return. I was happy to see that the twin brothers, James and John, seemed to be making some progress, but sad that it wasn't more. They were such nice guys, it was such a shame that they left the show so early. I was hoping that they were going to tell the brothers they were coming back, but no such luck. Of course, the one person I wanted to see was Shay, the heaviest-ever woman. She was going to earn $1000 per pound, and then Jared, the Subway guy showed up with a blank cheque (or check, for you Americans ;) ) and told her she had a chance to earn more! And of course, the winners-first was Koli, who won the at-home prize, and then Michael, the heaviest contestant ever, won the grand prize. He was the winner by just a handful of pounds over Ashley. It was a nail-biter to the end! Now to wait for the next season! LOL
Well, I should head to bed, it's getting late. I will be back later this week with another project! Until then, take care!