Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Stranger!

First of all, I'd just like to apologize for being out of commission so long-I'm sorry! But I think I have a decent excuse. Are ya ready to hear it? I, being a glutton for punishment, have decided to go back to school. (I know it's crazy, and there are 25 other people in my course who are just as "crazy" as I am-LOL No, seriously, they're all very nice peeps!) I am taking paralegal studies, because I find law interesting. Going into it, I find that although I knew I didn't have the best knowledge of law, in all reality, I had no clue compared to what I'll know by the time I'm finished with the course (knock wood). Wow, there's a lot of stuff! LOL And today I have a presentation and my first quiz, so they will be a good indication as to how my ol' brain is doing, jamming all that information into it! Let's hope I don't crack! LOL

In keeping with my news, I thought it only appropriate to post this card, given the sentiment on it seems to apply to me today. My dream for today is to not only survive another day at school, but to do well in both my presentation as well as my quiz. Wish me luck!

The flowers on this card are pretty simple to make. For the larger flower, I used the new large (or is it extra large?) punch flower. I believe I punched out five of them. Then you (or more specifically, I) have to clear a space on your stamping table, lay them out and spray them with water. You'll want to use a fine mist sprayer (did you know they sell those specifically for stamping?). Once they're damp enough to become pliable, then you crumple them up, smooth them out, punch a hole in the center, put a brad in the hole, and then work them by crumpling and/or un-crumpling (is that a word?) until you get the look you want.
These are a slight variation on the flowers I made for my Matchbox Drawers (see here) but there are more flower layers here, and the center is paper, not corduroy brad. The smaller flowers can be made with a smaller punch (ie scallop circle) or one of the dies that SU offers (I think mine is called flower fusion?). One word of note: if you use designer paper to make your flowers (so pretty!) you don't need to spray with water. See how easy that is?
Well, I'm off to study. (gulp!) I will be back again with another card soon. And hopefully the news that I did ok on my quiz and presentation! Bye for now!