Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Worthy Cause

Here is a portion of a class I'll be teaching this Thursday and next Tuesday. It uses the Very Thankful set on the back inside cover of the catalogue. This is a special set because it is this year's Ronald McDonald House Charities set from Stampin' Up!. That means that every time someone buys this set, $2 goes to the Ronald McDonald House Charity. As a mother to two healthy girls (knock wood), it's easy for me to take for granted that I don't have to go to a hospital just to see my girls, and that I don't have to watch them be subjected to tests, needles, drugs, and operations.

I can't imagine what it would be like, living with that kind of stress, and feeling like there was nothing I could do to take away the hurt. It was bad enough for me when my niece, who was born prematurely this spring, was being pricked on her ankle so the nurses could have a blood sample. They were a-squeezing away on her poor little ankle trying to obtain enough blood, and she just wasn't giving it up! Although she was born that morning, she was surprisingly patient for most of it, but after a minute or two of constant ankle squeezing, she finally started to become upset, and so did I. I actually had to sit down because I was starting to feel squeamish, watching her poor little ankle go red and not bleed, forcing the nurses to prick and squeeze again. I couldn't watch. And that was just one "little" blood sample! I'd probably pass out if I had to watch my girls go through other, more complicated tests. They'd need to make sure the bed next door is empty before they started anything while I was around!

As a result of the work done by this charity, I am proud to be able to offer a class using this set, and hopefully make a small contribution to help those families who have to live with this kind of stress. It's sad that this kind of charity is even needed, but heartwarming to know that someone is doing something to help people in this kind of situation and that I can help!

If you live in this area, and would like to take this class next Tuesday, please e-mail and let me know! I still have a few places left and the cost of the class ($28) includes the set. (

My next post will show you the purse that these cards fit into (also part of the class).

Have a great day!


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