Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Season

When I was young and still living at home with my parents, the birthdays we celebrated were concentrated in the spring and summer. We started with Mother's Day, and then we had almost all the family birthdays (both grandmothers, aunt, cousins, uncles etc) and come September 4th, my sister's birthday marked, for the most part, the end of the birthday celebrations. Now, my sister, cousins and I have children and I have my husband's family to add to our birthday collection. My birthdays start in February and don't end until the end of the year! If I'd have been a stamper as a child, I would have only needed birthday cards for 4 months! But now, I have to make sure that I constantly have plenty of cards all the time! Yikes! There has been more than once, where I've had to dive into my stash to pull out a birthday card on a moment's notice (ok, some of that is mommy brain where I forget to make one in advance!) and been grateful to have a choice of cards from which to choose!
So, when I make a birthday card I like, I will often make more than one and in different colours, just in case family members are comparing! LOL This card, was no exception!
I loved the olive with black, and was fortunate to have some black bling to throw on the flowers:

Here it is in Pretty in Pink and Olive:

The dsp is Cottage Wall, in case you didn't recognize it. The polka dot was definitely not the side I saw first because there were so many pretty, fancy sides in the collection. The Happy Birthday sentiment is from a Sale-a-bration set that I am now kicking myself for not having ordered it when I had the chance! I love the swirly-fancy part, and the simple part that offsets it. It's perfect for a semi-fancy card!
Have a great day!

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