Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Birdie on My Easel

Something wonky is going on with my Blogger. Instead of pictures, all I see is a bunch of computer "talk", and I can't choose my font. I can spell check though, which I don't really use. (watch, now I'll make spelling mistakes everywhere, just because I said that! LOL) Hmmm...I sure hope this is temporary.
Anyhoo, I wanted to post this picture of my little birdie easel card. I used the Friends 24-7 set for the bird and the background. If you look at the band across the bottom of the picture, it looks like a piece of paper that is folded accordian-style. But look closely:

Isn't that neat?! It's actually little mini tiles, that I painstakingly sorted out by colour and then put one grey, one black, etc until I reached the other side. Neat effect, eh?
I love the colour combo for this card. I think black looks great with most colours, and when you use Olive, which is a bit darker, using white as well just makes it pop! I left the bottom empty so I can use the card for whatever occasion I may need it for. I will probably find a sentiment that will fit in an oval punch and then mat it with the scalloped oval and center it on the bottom piece.
Are you watching The Bachelorette? I can hardly wait to see what Frank tells her in Tahiti (or is it Fiji? Somewhere dreamy and warm, anyway) next week. And how disappointed am I in the Canadian guys they had on the show this year? Geesh, talk about bad representation! The first one was a bully with a I'm-a-hot-guy complex, and the second guy was on the show to advance his career. Jeepers, are these the best Canadian men they can find? I could find them better, if they're interested! LOL
Have a great week! I'll be back with some more stuff later this week!


  1. Oh my gosh you used those little tiles!!!!

  2. Yes, and they were fun, but a bit time-consuming! I need to pull them out again! LOL