Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hello! I hope that all of you mothers out there had a great Mother's Day yesterday, and that you were spoiled by your kids! I know I was-I didn't have to cook or clean yesterday which was really nice (ok, I'll be honest-it was AWESOME!), and my girls gave me beautiful handmade gifts and cards-what more could a mother ask for? Besides a maid, chef and chauffeur, I mean? ;) It was great to spend the day with our families, it just seems like we don't get together often enough anymore, so it's always nice to have a happy excuse like Mother's Day!
Ok, so on to some stampin' stuff! Today I am showing you yet another project I completed while I attended Victopia this year. My friend Kim and I saw something similar to this when we visited a stamping store in Toronto, and we knew that by the end of Victopia, we were going to have to make one of these! Isn't this a cute idea? The original was created with buttons for the leaves. I don't know about you, but I have a whole bunch of buttons that I have hoarded so they aren't "accidentally" used on clothing instead of cards. LOL What I don't have are a lot of buttons in similar colours, at least not enough for a whole tree. However, I did happen to have these little guys hiding deep, deep, in the bottom of my odds and ends carry-all. I had bought them last year, with the intention of using them on Christmas trees for Christmas cards. Well, Christmas came and went, and guess what? I hadn't even thought to use them, so I thought that this project would be the perfect opportunity to finally pull them out of hiding. Here's what they look like up close:

Aren't they cute? I like the way it turned out, probably because I am dazzled by the sparkles in these little things, more than because I like the colour of them (it's all about the sparkle, baby! LOL). I made a second tree with differently coloured buttons, which I will post later this week, so you can see what I mean about the colour. The sentiment I used I had borrowed from my friend Vicki so unfortunately, it isn't SU. Too bad, I really like this sentiment. And I really like the way this turned out! It was a good thing I had made two, because when I returned home and my girls saw them, they immediately asked me if they could have one in their room! We'll see if mommy feels generous.... ;)
The sun on this one is a ginormous golden button-can you believe it? I can't even begin to picture what that puppy was attached to! LOL Kim had it in her collection, but I don't remember her ever wearing something that would work with this big ol' button...maybe if I ask her nicely, she'll show me what it was on...LOL
Well, I guess I should stop chatting your ears off (or your eyes?) and get to work catching up on the laundry I didn't do yesterday. Have a great day, and I'll be back soon!

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