Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where's January??

So sorry I've been AWOL this past month. I haven't been doing any stamping, because I've been slowly working on organizing my stamping space. Not just the table I stamp on, but the closet where I store my things, the cupboards that house my stamps, Big Shot dies, punches, Christmas stamps, unfinished projects, 3-D items, and on and on....needless to say it is a huge undertaking! LOL I have so much stuff, I never realized how much I had! I found things I had forgotten about, and things I couldn't remember buying (shhhh....don't tell my husband! ;) )
At any rate, it is becoming more manageable with each passing day, and yesterday I actually saw the top of my stamping table (well, hello there, old friend!). I am now so close to being finished that I can almost taste it! I am sooooo looking forward to getting this job done! My goal is to have it completed by the weekend, which I think is reasonable. I then will have a nice, clean, organized area to stamp in. Doesn't that sound like a piece of heaven? *sigh*
Wish me luck, I'm headed back into the tornado in just a few minutes!
Have a great day!

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