Monday, February 22, 2010

Wishing For Spring

About this time of year, I start wishing for spring to hurry up and get here already. As I type this, there are big, fluffy flakes falling outside, and I can no longer see grass, my driveway, nor much of anything, because there is so much snow. Blech! It's hard to believe that just yesterday the sun was shining, squirrels were out, and the girls, my hubby and I were skiing and sweating from the heat! I wasn't even wearing mitts or a hat because it was so hot! And then I woke up today, and it's like yesterday's hint of spring was all a dream....dang!
So as an invitation to spring, birds singing, and the end of another way-too-long Canadian winter, I made this card. This flower pot card doesn't open. Instead, you pull on the flowers, which are attached to what looks like a wide bookmark, which is where you would sign and put your hugs and kisses to Mother Nature, in the hopes that she would be sweet enough to end winter just a tad earlier than she'd originally planned. LOL I love making cards that are not your typical quarter-fold card, so this one is right up my alley. Plus, I was able to use not one, but two of my Big Shot dies (the daisies and the leaves) for this card, plus an embossing folder (ok, not SU, but relevant to the spring theme). The Big Shot can make life (ok, not all of life, just the card-making, and 3-D project-making part of life, which is pretty important, no? ;) ) so much easier, don't you think? Yeah, me too!
I have another 3-D project to show you on Friday, so I hope to see you then! Have a great week!

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