Monday, November 16, 2009

A Couple of Announcements

Hello and Happy Monday!
I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Mine was great, first because I got to spend time with my girls and hubby. We have recently started playing a game called Blokus-have you ever heard of it? It makes you use your brain, it's a fun challenge! My husband is very competitive so I like to make sure I keep him humble by kicking his butt at games(this only works sometimes!). LOL Of course, our girls are both very smart and often show us up by kicking both of our butts, keeping me humble. Secondly, I had a great weekend because I had a fun stampin' day with my girls and some great ladies yesterday (see post below). And now, on Monday, my fun continues! I was informed by my friend Jacqui that her sister Diana had a special somethin'-somethin' on her blog that I should check out. You can see it here, but remember to come back for the second announcement. Ok go, I'll wait....
You're back already? Did you see me? I was the very smiley girl in the top centre photo. Not a bad picture for me, considering how un-photogenic I am usually. These pics were taken at Victopia which I attended in the spring of this year, which you may remember from posts I made in April.
Ok, on to the second announcement. I have decided to commit myself (no, not to an institution! Although....) to a special series of posts about Christmas-only creations. Being the person I am, I had to come up with something catchy so I could remember what day I committed to, so I've decided to call the series "Festive Fridays"! See how even I could remember that? So be sure to check in on Fridays, where I will post pictures, and in some cases tutorials, on certain creations I've come up with for Christmas! There will be ideas for Christmas gifts, cards, and fun stuff, so check in with me this Friday for the first one!
I will be posting on other days as well, so you won't have to wait for Fridays with bated breath for me to make a post! (ha ha) But for sure I'll have Christmas ideas on Friday.
Have a Happy Monday!


  1. Hey girlfriend,
    I LOVE that picture of you. You are so beautiful! We had so much fun eh?
    I am looking forward to checking out all your Christmas only creations.

    Sending big WARM hugs from Arizona!


  2. Thanks-you're so sweet! We did have so much fun! It was a great surprise when we saw you were going with us to Kingston! That got the weekend off to a great start! It's always so much fun to see you and Jacqui together! You two are hilarious! Hopefully we'll get to stamp with you again soon!
    Miss you!

  3. LOL!!! I am glad that you are not committing yourself to an Institution......... I would miss you at the Topias!!!!

    Hugs and love


  4. Festive Fridays - I like it!!!! What a catchy name! I can't wait to see what you come up with for this Friday!