Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Candy Bouquet

Hi there! I was looking through my picture files yesterday when I came across a couple of projects that I hadn't shown you yet, which is great news for me since I need to take pictures of what I have been creating lately. I'm a bit behind in my photography, but I'll work on it soon, honest!
I first saw the idea for this bouquet on a blog called "Create with Jane" last year. Hers was much bigger and it was gorgeous, I knew at some point I would be trying it. I ended up making it for the secretaries at my girls' school and for my youngest girl's teacher for the end-of-the-year gifts. I used up a lot of scrap paper making these daisies in different bright colours-it was awesome! The pipe cleaners I used for the stems were found at the local dollar store, and I twisted two colours together to make them stronger and more colourful. Of course, me being me, I had to match at least one pipe cleaner colour to one flower colour, and then tried to choose the candy that would match those colours best. No, I don't have issues, why do you ask? LOL
To put them together, I put together the daisies first. The daisies die from Stampin Up creates a hole in the centre of the flowers, so I would put the pipe cleaner through the hole from the back of the flower and then fold over about half an inch of the pipe cleaner, then tape/stick it in place. Then I stuck the kisses to both the pipe cleaner and what was left of the center of the flower. I learned the hard way that if you use the caramel kisses, don't push too hard on it to stick it down, because it'll leak!
The Lindt chocolates and the Werther's, because they had the extra wrap on the ends, were held in place by twisting one end into the pipe cleaner and then putting it through the hole, and then glueing it in place so it wouldn't droop.
The ribbon was the final touch. I just lightly curled it and tossed it over the top of the bouquet, working some of it through the flowers so it wouldn't fall off.
It was pretty simple, but if you want to make this, you have to start in advance. The flowers take a while to put together, you definitely shouldn't wait until the night before!
All in all, it makes a really bright and cheerful gift!
Have a great day!

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