Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday Cards and the 70's...

Hello again! Today's card is quick and simple, and it is "translatable" into either a male or female birthday card! I have a hard time coming up with cards for men and boys, probably because I tend to by stamp sets with flowers and flourishes, and other girly delights. For some reason, guys don't really appreciate flowers and princesses, accented with birds, butterflies and glitter...

This card uses the Wow Flowers stamp set, but that one flower looks more like a cool retro 70's thing...it actually reminds me of these tin stars or flower thingys that my mom had hung in our basement when I was little. My grandma had them too, now that I think of it. They kind of looked like they were made from pop cans, but they were store bought decor...I wonder if one of them bought some for the other...at any rate, even as a five-year-old, I recognized these as some strange kind of decor pieces, but of course I'm sure one day my girls will be asking me what I was thinking when I used (fill in the blank here) to decorate our house. At which point I will defer to my hubby since he buys most of the accents for our house, and I'll tell my girls lovingly that it is their dad, not me, with the wacky taste. I was just quietly stamping in the basement, not decorating with wacky pieces, I'll say...

Any way, my point here, is the one stamp doesn't really look like a flower which is why I think it works for a man's card. Ok, so I threw a gem in the centre of the card, but you could certainly remove it or not use it if you think it would offend the male receiving the card. You don't want to offend anyone on their birthday, of course. But you can see how using more masculine colours could "man up" this card, and make it acceptable for the man in your life.

These cards measure 4" x 4", which is a perfect size to fit all of the circles with just a hint of room to spare around the edges. I like using different sizes of cards, just to change things up a bit, and to challenge myself. Using this basic template, imagine all the different images you could use around the sentiment. It wouldn't even have to be something that fit perfectly inside the 1 1/4" circle punch...the possibilities are endless!

Ok, I think I've said enough for now. I will let you go (to stamp!) here, but I'll be back soon with more creations.

Have a great day!


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